The garden suggests that there might be a place where we can meet nature halfway.              -Michael Pollan

If you’re looking for some of the more basic landscaping services Fresh Roots can help you with that too!  We like to keep our minds open to the needs of the customer so no project is dismissed without taking a look.  Below are some of the most widely used services that we offer.


  • A fresh layer of wood mulch brings the whole yard together!  We offer installation of wood mulch of your choosing.


  • Giving shrubs and bushes a healthy trim keeps them from overcrowding other plants or buildings while allowing them to continue to thrive.

Plant Installation

  • Anything from privacy screens to landscape designs.
  • Perennial gardens that have diversity and a variety of colors throughout the season.

Planting Bed Cleanup

  • Fresh Roots offers a chemical free option to clean all those undesired plants from your planting beds.  This option is thorough and environmentally safe.  By hand pulling everything we ensure the area is clean and safe for the other plants to grow healthy.
  • We use cardboard as a weed barrier to smother undesired plant growth in an environmentally safe manner.

New Planting Bed Installation

  • Creating new or redesigning an existing planting bed brings a new look to your property and allows for a range of planting options.
  • We do the design, installation, and maintenance of planting beds to ensure you have the look you desire and the free time to enjoy it.