Easy to Grow Vegetables in Containers

Ecofriendly Porch to Table Ideas
If you can’t wait for summer to arrive, start thinking of fresh vegetables right out your back door! That should lighten your mood. And here’s even better news: You don’t need a big yard or garden to do it. Growing vegetables in containers is a viable option. You’ve heard of Farm to Table. Today we are talking patio or porch to the table!

Next, if you are wondering what vegetables will grow well in smaller spaces we can help. At Fresh Roots, our gardening services include designing and growing sustainable, eco-friendly gardens and landscapes. That includes growing vegetables in containers when you’ve got limited outdoor space. With that in mind, let’s get started!

When To Plant in The Upper Midwest
With normal weather patterns in the upper Midwest, it is generally best to hold off planting until after Memorial Day. Most vegetable plants don’t like cold weather or even worse frost!

If you are planting seeds, get them started now inside of your home. You can take the seedlings outside once it warms up. There is nothing wrong with transplanting a smaller plant to a larger pot. That’s something you will need to wait to do. Let it warm up first.

Let’s Grow Lettuce in a Container
Nothing says summer in the garden like fresh lettuce! This is a cool-weather crop and can be planted a little earlier than other vegetables. You will need a 2-gallon pot or bigger. If you want to grow several lettuce plants together, consider a wide planter.

Next up, place your container in a place that gets full sun to partial shade. When summer temps soar, move the container into the shade. Use loamy soil that drains well. If you are growing leaf lettuce space the plants about 4 inches apart. If you are growing romaine or heads of lettuce, double the spacing.

Let’s Grow Beans in a Container
It’s difficult to mess up growing beans. You won’t need a trestle if you grow the bush variety. But you will need a container that is at least a foot deep and 15 inches wide. Pole beans are a little more work and produce a later harvest, but it’s worth the wait. You will need a container that’s a bit bigger and a trellis for the growing vine.

A super sunny spot is your best bet for beans. Plant them in a loamy, soil that drains well. Place your bean plants about 3 inches apart.

Let’s Grow Radishes in a Container
Don’t you love the peppery, bright taste of a fresh radish? This is another plant that grows well in a container. Even better, radishes grow fast. Find a container that is wide and at least 6 to 10 inches deep.

Place your pot of radishes in a spot that gets full sun to partial shade. Radishes grow best in light, well-drained soil.

Let’s Grow Carrots in a Container
Carrots do well in containers. Like lettuce, carrots are a cool-weather crop and can be planted a little earlier than other vegetables. Remember, it’s the root that we are interested in here. That said, make sure your pot is big and at least a foot deep. With a 5-gallon container, you’ll have room for about two dozen carrots.

Carrots like a lot of sun. The soil should be loamy, light, and drain well. You can even add some sand to loosen it up. Plant your carrots about 2 to 3 inches apart. It’s fun growing carrots, especially with different varieties. The orange carrots are a little sweeter. The purple and white carrots taste a little earthier.

Let’s Grow Tomatoes in a Container
Tomatoes are a very popular choice for containers, but they are a little more challenging to grow. First, use a container that is at least a foot wide, 2 feet is even better.

Place your container of tomatoes in a sunny spot. Once established they will thrive in full sun. Just watch the younger plants. They won’t do well with excessive sun or wind. Tomatoes like water, but not too much. Check every day to make sure the soil is moist. Just make sure the soil isn’t soggy or your tomatoes will suffer root rot.

The big payoff comes when you pick your bright red beauties and put them in a fresh, summer salad!

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