Take a look at some of the projects Fresh Roots is working on this season!

2020 is a Season of Growth and Change

Fresh Roots does garden designs to help our customers get an exact idea of how their garden can be laid out.  This makes it easy to see the potential of your property and to visualize the work we can do.


We doubled the size of this garden by adding 2 new 4X8 cedar raised beds (our standard model) and planted a variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

For this project we took an unused area under the stairs to the deck and created a new planting bed lined with cement edgers.  This created a beautiful space for the homeowner to enjoy while sitting on their back patio.  These plants are selected perennials that do well in shaded areas.

Here is a perfect example of Edible Landscaping!  First we added a couple of plum trees, then created the new bed around them and added some edible Gooseberries along with perennial plants like Hosta, Hydrangea, Cone Flowers, and a Butterfly Bush.IMG_2353[1]

2019 Season Was a lot of fun!

Deer in Wisconsin are notorious for raiding the garden!  Here we replaced a fence that wasn’t quite cutting it with a new and improved deer proof fence to protect the garden throughout the season.  With heights of 6ft and higher, a smaller mesh rabbit fence below, and a unique look this customer was happy with their new growing space.

Fresh Roots planted this garden in spring 2019, mixing various vegetables with edible flowers and herbs to create a beautiful looking space and allow the plants to work together for a healthier


Here in Wisconsin it can be a serious chore to keep your garden going when there are deer running around your neighborhood.  This customer had us design and install a custom fence to keep the critters out and the plants safe!


Sometimes the our planting beds can get out of control…this property was a great example of that!  After about 20 hours of pulling thistles and removing milkweed and other plants we could see the landscape as it was meant to look, add in some mulch and it is restored to its desired beauty!  Fresh Roots will be back to do pruning in the fall to finish it up.

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Some action shots of an edible landscape project in Oconomowoc. This was an awesome project that turned out beautiful! Bringing the garden close to the house so the customers can enjoy all their plants and care for them easily.

Fresh Roots is growing and so are the services! Educational classes and presentations are a big part of this business, the more we learn the more we can grow!

Booth set up at Stone Bank Farm Market
Edible Landscaping Presentation

A 4X8 raised bed installed for a customer makes it easy to start your gardening lifestyle!


A little pruning and a fresh layer of mulch cleans up the backyard view for those summer get togethers!

This was  a fun project with some pruning, plant removal, and creating a new lannon stone patio area!

My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece ― Claude Monet

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