Edible Landscaping & Permaculture

What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered – Emerson



Edible landscaping substitutes edible plants such as leafy greens, berries, flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit trees in place of more traditional ornamental or decorative plants—we call it gardenscaping. This can be as simple as a container or raised bed all the way up to a full landscape plan that utilizes edible plants to decorate your yard.

Permaculture is a holistic approach to landscaping that takes advantage of the symbiotic relationships of plants situated in the ecosystem. By imitating nature, permaculture maintains soil health and wildlife populations as well as reduces the need for additional fertilizer, pesticides and irrigation.

  • Food forests with perennials like raspberry bushes, fruit trees, and mushroom beds create easily maintained areas for edible plants.
  • Permaculture landscape elements such as rain gardens help to catch run-off from driveways and patios that can then be used to sustain plants on the property.
  • Hugelkultur mounds built over wood piles that decompose over time provide nutrients and trap moisture for the plants above.
  • Irrigation and filtration system are designed and installed to ease the maintenance load for homeowners and keep the plants growing strong.
  • Make your home more sustainable with outdoor compost bins and water catchment barrels cutting down on waste.

Fresh Roots can plan, plant and maintain edible and permaculture landscapes. To learn more, call 1-262-993-7897 or email alec@freshrootswi.com