Edible Landscaping

Organic & Natural Gardening Options

Creating A Healthy Ecosystem In Your Own Backyard
Is your organic garden the real thing? True organic gardening requires more than removing synthetic fertilizers and pesticides from the growing process. It means exploring natural and organic options in which the soil, plants, and surrounding wildlife live in balance.

That’s how we do things at Fresh Roots. Our specialty is designing and installing decorative and raised vegetable gardens in a natural and sustainable way. The result? Nature’s beauty and bounty in your own backyard. So, let’s get started and talk about a few natural and organic gardening options.

Organic Soil Support
The foundation of any garden is fertile, productive soil. Using organic matter to enrich the soil is the way to go. It improves soil structure, provides nutrients, holds moisture in the soil, and stores important nutrients for plant growth. Best of all, when your soil is free of toxic chemicals, the food you grow will be as well.

How do you accomplish this in a natural way? In short, rotting organic matter makes for rich soil and happy plants. For instance, most gardening retailers will carry organic mushroom compost or cow manure compost. That said, if you’ve got a vegetable garden or large yard then you’ve got plenty of material to make your own compost. Simply pile up organic refuse, and let it rot. This includes grass clippings, vegetable remnants, leaves, yard debris, and kitchen scraps. To keep things neat and make your neighbors happy, store the organic matter in a bin and let nature do the rest.

Additional Organic Garden Goodies
In addition to composting your soil, it’s important to know your organic fertilizers. Look for manure, bone meal, blood meal, worm castings, fish emulsion, and liquid seaweed.

Some people ask if food waste such as eggshells is good for plant growth. Eggshells are chock full of calcium carbonate, which is great for your plants. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, broccoli, and spinach thrive on eggshells. Crunch them up and put them in the soil. For house plants, make tea with eggshells and hot water.

Try banana skins too. Chop up the potassium-rich peels into quarter-inch pieces. This kickstarts decomposition and makes the nutrients more bioavailable. Then bury them anywhere from just under the soil to 4 inches down. You can also fertilize your plants with a banana spray. Fill a jar with bananas and water. Let it sit for a few days. Then spray away.

Buy Organic Seeds
Not all seeds are created equal. If you want an organic garden that is set up to thrive, then start with organic seeds. It’s a straightforward concept. Organic seeds are produced by organic gardening and farming methods. The seed farmer weeds out weak plants hit by pests and disease. That means you are planting the byproduct of only the healthiest plants that make it all the way to seed maturity. You can purchase organic seeds online or at your local garden center. Even big-box stores carry organic

Natural And Organic Pest Control Options
There are several things you can do intending to your garden that will help control pests and disease. For instance, thin out your plants. Small, weak seedlings are more likely to host disease and spread it to healthier plants. Water your plants in the early morning. A damp plant in the evening is an invitation to fungus and other diseases. Weed your garden like crazy. Weeds harbor insects and parasites.

Also, consider homemade solutions for controlling garden pests. Garlic Oil spray is a natural repellent, just don’t spray it on a sunny day or the oil can burn foliage. A hot pepper spray will irritate insects and keep them at bay. Beer is great for slug control. Add a few inches of beer to a small can or pie plate. Slugs are attracted to the yeast in the beer. One happy hour and they’re done.

Contact Us For A Beautiful Garden
At Fresh Roots, our mission is to strengthen the community and environment by connecting people to their food through sustainable and organic gardening. Our services carry you from start to finish. From garden consultation to design, prepping soil to planting, and maintaining your garden to seasonal clean-ups. Contact us, for a beautiful summer garden with a bounty of flowers and vegetables in your own backyard.

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